Celebrate with

Miranda + Jake

as they join in

Life + Love

Miranda + Jake

are engaged to be married


Salem Stone Church, Carlisle, PA

He’ll fix his bow tie at 2:59.

She’ll walk down the aisle at 3:00.

Then to celebrate their promise of a lifetime together,
they’ll meet you at the Carlisle Ribbon Mill for an
evening of food, music, and dancing.

Save room for dinner as you enjoy a drink and
hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour beginning at 4:00.

This is a big kid party.
Guests 13 and older are invited to attend.

Miranda and Jake's first adventure as husband and wife will be to Maine's Acadia National Park.
Please consider contributing to their honeymoon fund. The couple is also registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond


If you have any problems while trying to RSVP call Jake at 610.763.9766